Other Property Types


Pathfinder is expert at financing the following additional types of commercial real estate:

·         Medical Office Properties

·         Surgery Centers

·         Credit Tenant Leased Properties

·         GSA Leased Properties

·         Self Storage Facilities

A common theme among the first four property types is very often the credit strength of either the tenant or the sponsorship. This credit strength is highly valued by the capital markets and therefore provides an opportunity for ownership when structuring the financing. It can allow capital to get more comfortable offering greater leverage, lower interest rates, longer amortization, non-recourse (i.e., no personal guaranties) language in the loan documents, and so forth. Self storage facilities, medical offices, surgery centers, and credit and government tenant properties have become favored asset types of the capital markets now that the concepts have proven themselves through multiple real estate cycles. Pathfinder is able to employ its expertise and understanding of these property types to devise optimal financing solutions for the ownership.

Medical Office
Size: 8,028 sf
Location: Du Quoin, IL
Lender: Life Insurance
Loan Amount: $1,400,000
Medical Office Building
Size: 61,242 sf
Location: Pleasant Hill, CA
Lender: Life Insurance Co.
Loan Amount: $13,000,000
Self Storage Facility
Size: 56,645 sf
Location: Oakland, CA
Lender: Life Insurance Co.
Loan Amount: $3,500,000
Mobile Home Park
Size: 100 spaces
Location: Anaheim, CA
Lender: Bank
Loan Amount: $3,000,000
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