Industrial Properties


Industrial properties can present ownership a number of opportunities of which a well devised financing structure can help take advantage. For example, the generally low cost to operate, maintain, and re-tenanting characteristics of this type of real estate can create more leverage opportunity for ownership. This property type lends itself to a variety of diverse industries as potential tenants thus providing more financing opportunity given the high value the capital community places on this aspect of industrial real estate. Pathfinder is able to employ its expertise and understanding of industrial real estate to devise financing solutions which optimize asset value for the borrower.

Pathfinder specializes in recourse and non-recourse financing for acquisition, refinance, and repositioning of industrial, warehouse, and distribution properties.

·         Single tenant

·         Multi-tenant

·         Multi-tenant incubator

·         Warehouse & distribution

·         Manufacturing

Owner Occupied Industrial
Size: 6,262 sf
Location: Corona, CA
Lender: Community Bank
Loan Amount: $437,500
Multi Tenant Industrial
Size: 56,628 sf
Location: San Diego
Lender: Life Insurance
Loan Amount: $1,630,000
Single Tenant Industrial
Size: 26,000 sf
Location: Rancho Dominguez, CA
Lender: Life Insurance Co.
Loan Amount: $1,540,000
Owner Occupied Industrial
Size: 60,000 sf
Location: Oakland, CA
Lender: Bank
Loan Amount: $2,600,000
South San Francisco Industrial
Size: 27,360 sf
Location: S. San Francisco, CA
Lender: Life Insurance Co.
Loan Amount: $800,000
Single Tenant Industrial
Size: 13,312 sf
Location: Lake Forest, CA
Lender: Bank
Loan Amount: $1,910,000
Warehouse Building
Size: 185,504 sf
Location: Fontana, CA
Lender: Life Insurance Co.
Loan Amount: $4,500,000
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